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Scott Smith, CEO of Life Insurance Brokers Group, steps down to run his $100,000 per month Amazon FBA business. 

Scott began his journey by helping his wife start her Amazon Arbitrage business 6 months ago. Struggling at first, Scott and his wife Kerry quickly started to grow from there.


Before starting as an Amazon seller, Scott had no prior e-commerce experience. He just had a burning desire to help his wife make a solid income. Scott's journey to success wasn’t always easy. His inspiring story is proof that anyone can overcome any challenge, despite any circumstances. 

Scott says the secret to his success was taking a private label, Amazon Mastery Training Course. "Without the tools, and the knowledge provided by the training course, and their coaches, there's no way I would be able to make the income that  I'm earning, which is about $3,400 per day as an Amazon Seller." For Scott, knowledge is King, and he says that "Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing."



Scott says to manage your Amazon-ecommerce business as if it were a thriving offline business.  How do you treat your ecommerce business? Do you see it as a hobby? Something fun to do in your spare time? It might be easy to see it that way, especially if it isn't earning you millions of dollars yet. However, if you sincerely have the desire to grow it into a massive business, you need to act as if it is already. Scott says he is used to making a lot of money and will not "settle" once he sets his mindset on the path to do so.


"Your Amazon business is a real business, and it should be treated with the same respect that the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies treat theirs," says Scott Smith, former CEO of Life Insurance Brokers Group. 


A lifestyle business is nice to have, but realize that you can create even greater wealth by focusing on the ongoing growth of your business. Don't wait around for your venture to feel like a big business. Think about the decisions you would make if it already was. Selling on Amazon FBA is one of the easiest ways to bring reliable income, since the company takes care of so much of the hard work for you. In just a handful of hours, you're able to build an incredible revenue stream that even brand-new entrepreneurs can take advantage of. Even with little to no experience selling on Amazon, you can reap the benefits of working through one of the most successful companies on the planet!


Scott Smith and his family recently moved to Scottsdale AZ, on 24 acres and a $6M ranch home, with 6 horses.

Scott says he owes his success to the training he received and recommends taking the private label Amazon Mastery Training Course

"If you are a beginner to the world of Amazon selling, like I was. I recommend taking this Private Label Mastery Training Course to help you start making a passive income. Don’t Wait for Opportunity, Create it! - Scott


You to Can Master a Retail Arbitrage on Amazon

The best reasons I love to sell on Amazon!

• I don't have to bring in my own customers, since Amazon is already a trusted platform for millions of shoppers around the world.
• I don't have to store or ship your products myself, since Amazon FBA picks, packs, and ships all of my 
orders for me.
• I don't have to craft my 
own website, since Amazon already has its own proven platform.
• I don't have to advertise my products through email or social media.
• I don't have to handle returns or customer service, since Amazon's centralized customer service network is available around the clock.

If you would like to start making 6 to 7-figures of income, take the Amazon Mastering Retail Arbitrage Training Course today

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