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Protect your family from a Global Catastrophe 

Underground Community and Private Bunkers 

We are the Official Partner & Dealer of VIVOS, the largest underground Bunker/Shelter network on earth!

Starting at $45,000 Per Private Bunker

This form is required to be considered for a Vivos shelter. You must apply using this simple application to see if you qualify:

VIVOS Shelters Bunker Partner
Undergound Shelters for sale. VIVIOS Partner

Skills & Expertise

Check each professional area/field that you have expertise in, or a good working knowledge of:

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1.  Why do you believe in the necessity for Vivos as a survival solution for you and your family?

2. Have you had any premonitions of impending, catastrophic events?

If "Yes", please explain:

3. Do you believe that the world faces near future catastrophes?

If "Yes", what do you believe is the most probable event that will occur, and when? Please explain:

4. Are you aware that Vivos is a long-term, generational, survival solution for catastrophic events, in either your own or your children's lifetime and beyond?

5.  How long have you felt the need to have a shelter survival solution?

6. Are you currently making any additional preparations for survival in your home or elsewhere? (i.e. food, fuel, water, security, alternate shelter location, etc?

If "Yes", please explain:

7. Do you have any concerns or fears of being in groups or in close contact with other people for extended periods of time?
8. Can you peacefully co-exist with others that have different backgrounds and beliefs?
9. Do you own legal firearms, hunting and/or archery equipment that you would intend to bring to Vivos in a catastrophic situation?
10. Do you have any military experience, defense training, and/or survivalist knowledge?

If "Yes", please describe:

11.  Including yourself, how many people (family and friends) will be in your Vivos group?

12.  How far are you willing to travel to the nearest Vivos shelter?

13. Would you be willing to purchase a share of a Vivos shelter located in a different area of the country, until a Vivos shelter becomes available closer to your home area? (Please note: As a co-owner of a Vivos complex, you will be able to transfer your interest to another Vivos shelter closer to your home when/if it is built. This provides you and your loved ones with an immediate solution.
14. If you are selected by the Vivos Risk Management Team, are you ready to purchase your Co-Ownership interest(s) in Vivos?

If "No", please explain:

15. Are you ready, willing, and financially able to purchase your space(s) in Vivos shelter at this time?

If "No", please explain:

16. Are you interested in learning more about our financing program to help purchase your co-ownership interest(s) in a Vivos shelter?

Each bunker provides enough floor area, with attic potential, to comfortably accommodate 10 to 24 people and their needed supplies, for a year or more, of autonomous shelterization without needing to emerge outside.

The compressive eliptical shaped concrete bunker includes a massive front bulkhead wall, with a solid concrete and steel blast door entrance. Approximately 2,200 square feet of interior floor space.


VIVOS Shelters for SALE. Underground Bunker

Vivos xPoint is located near the Black Hills area of South Dakota, just south of the City of Edgemont. The Black Hills Army Base was originally built by the Army Corps of Engineers as a fortress to store bombs and munitions, from 1942 to 1967, when the base was completely retired. 

The Army then sold the property to the City of Edgemont, which in turn sold it to local cattle ranchers.  Since 1967 the bunkers sat empty until Vivos purchased the property and repurposed them.


Vivos will stock your Trine complex with everything needed to survive, including food, fuel, a renewable water source, medicine, soaps, towels, linens, clothing, hygienic supplies, furniture, fixtures and equipment. You can even grow your own food with a hydroponics and aquaponics dome, producing fresh food forever.

Underground Bunker

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Due to the high demand, once your application is received and you are selected, a member of the Vivos Underwriting Team will review it and will contact you by phone call. Please answer your phone as we will only call you one time.  Thank you!