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Invest in physical gold

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Precious metals are the perfect choice for me.

"As an Insurance Advisor, the best financial decision I made was moving my Roth IRA to a Gold & Silver IRA back in 2015. I've already tripled my investment and will have zero taxes once I cash out when I retire. If you too are interested in investing in Precious Metals, the first step is to get a free Gold Kit!"

Scott Smith

C.E.O. of Life Insurance Brokers Group


Reasons You Should Own Gold right now in 2022


The War In Europe

Inflationary fears is spiking and panic has triggered a rush for safe haven investments during the ongoing market volatility that pushed up the global gold price to $2,000 per ounce in early March, 2022. Fears of supply shortages along with a robust demand for Precious Metals has kept prices higher.

Geopolitical Uncertainty
Gold holds its value not only in times of financial uncertainty, but in times of geopolitical uncertainty. Gold is the "crisis commodity," because people flee to its relative safety when world tensions rise- during such times, it often outperforms other investments. Gold prices often rise when confidence in governments is low. 

Weakness of the U.S. Dollar
Even though the U.S. dollar is one of the world's most valuable currencies, when the dollar value falls against other currencies as it did between 1998, 2008 and has been gradually weakening since 2020.That can prompt people to flock to the security of Gold. The price of gold nearly tripled between 1998 and 2008. Worried about the Stock Market in 2022? You should be.  Concerns of higher interest rates, supply chain snarls, rising inflation, gasoline and the lingering pandemic. Complicating those fears have been extremely shaky on Wall Street.

Increasing Demand
People need to diversify their savings with physical precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. People can purchase for physical possession or they can rollover an eligible tax-deferred retirement account into a Precious Metals IRA - with zero tax implications or penalties.

Inflation Hedge
Gold has historically been an outstanding hedge against inflation, because its price tends to RISE when the cost-of-living increases. The past 50 years investors have seen gold prices soar and the stock market plunge during high-inflation years. This is because when fiat currency loses its purchasing power to inflation. Gold is seen as an excellent source of value when US currency is losing value.

Gold IRA - Rollover
By investing in a Gold IRA, you will diversify your retirement portfolio on a tax-deferred basis and maintain the tax preferential treatment. This means that transferring or rolling over a portion of your existing IRA account into a Gold IRA will not trigger any tax implications. Unlike a lot of Dividends, Capital Gains, Mutual Funds, 401(k), stock market gains, and even Annuities are taxed when receiving payments.

Best Gold Company 
Birch Gold Group is a precious metals brokerage firm based in Burbank, California. Founded in 2003, Birch Gold Group serves clients throughout the U.S. by managing Gold IRAs or Precious Metals IRAs holding silver, platinum, or palladium, gold, or a combination of these metals. With hundreds of excellent reviews on Google and Trustpilot. 

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About Birch Gold Group
Birch Gold Group has been helping Americans since 2003 diversify their savings with physical precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Clients can purchase for physical possession or they can rollover an eligible tax-deferred retirement account into a Precious Metals IRA, with zero tax implications or penalties. Accounts that are eligible for a rollover include Traditional, Roth, SEP and SIMPLE IRAs. Additionally, many employer-sponsored retirement savings plans, such as a 401(k) and 403(b), are also eligible to be transferred to a Precious Metals IRA, with zero tax implications or penalties. 

Purchase Physical Precious Metals

Regardless of the vehicle used to purchase physical precious metals, Birch Gold Group's customers are generally motivated by a desire to protect their savings against a volatile stock market, hedge against inflation, or safeguard against geopolitical instability. With your retirement at stake, you want to be confident in the financial services companies that you work with, including whom you choose for purchasing physical precious metals. You need to put your savings into the hands of an experienced and well-respected dealer in gold, silver and other precious metals. You'll sleep better at night with a proven industry leader in your corner, someone who can show you how precious metal investments can protect your lifestyle and retirement—even when the economy gets shaky.


Birch Gold Group is a Trusted Leader

 Proudly celebrated by their customers, the industry, and major media leaders alike. They have become a leading dealer of physical precious metals in the United States. They have a dynamic team of former wealth managers, financial advisors, and commodity brokers that continue to help customers diversify their portfolios with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium every day. Birch Gold Group headquartered across the street from the Warner Bros. Studios in the Golden State of Burbank, CA from where they serve a diverse base of Americans from all 50 states.  Birch Gold Group is regularly featured on major news and media outlets.

How to get started?

Get Your Free Info Kit on Gold

Scott Smith CEO Life Insurance Brokers Group

Scott Smith

Licensed  Life Insurance Broker

Mortgage Protection  Specialist 

National Producer # 17437186

Scott Smith
CEO  of Life Insurance Brokers Group

"No matter what the state of the economy, gold offers a good way to diversify your assets. I recommend keeping anywhere from 10% to 20% of your portfolio in it, perhaps up to 25% in times of crisis. Or, rollover your 401(k) to a Gold IRA and enjoy the benefits with zero tax implications or penalties. Gold is a safe haven and I know it's safe in uncertain times or whenever our country is in jeopardy of political or economic turmoil.  Physical gold cannot be hacked or erased! Get it while you can, especially in these uncertain times we are living in. I highly recommend  investing with Birch Gold Group" - Scott

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