Credit Repair Identity Protection

Recovery Services
IdentityForce offers a number of full-service restoration services, including financial, medical, and criminal identity recovery to members who become identity theft victims. Additionally, IdentityForce will help customers cancel cards and replace documents in the event of a stolen or lost wallet. IdentityForce provides toll-free customer service to help with identity restoration. These identity theft recovery services are only offered to customers who have fallen victim to identity theft while using IdentityForce services. IdentityForce has Certified Protection Experts who are available around-the-clock and are set to handle all paperwork and phone calls that accompany identity theft restoration.

ID Theft Protection Plan

Identity Protection

As far as identity theft protection goes, IdentityForce does a good job of offering several monitoring services to better protect customers' identities from theft. The company provides a 14-day free trial, triple-bureau credit monitoring, financial account monitoring, social security number monitoring, cyber monitoring, court record monitoring, payday loan monitoring, and sex offender monitoring. Identity theft cases and data breaches have proven that having identity protection can be worthwhile.

IdentityForce promises to send all of its customers real-time alerts if any suspicious activities are detected. The type of real-time alerts sent to customers includes bank and credit card activity alerts, smart social security number alerts, junk mail opt-out, identity threat alerts, and identity fraud alerts. IdentityForce also provides customers with a two-factor authentication which gives members a second form of authentication (a verification code) that is often delivered by phone, email, or text.

Knowledge is power! Take control by understanding your credit score, and where or how your online information is being used. Protect your keystrokes, pin numbers, and credit card information. When you know what's at risk, you can be sure you have the protection you need. And when you want total control, count on IdentityForce to get it done.

Theft Insurance - $1 Million Dollars
IdentityForce customers can rest assured that they will be covered if they become a victim of identity theft; the company offers up to $1 million in insurance that reimburses customers for expenses related to the theft. according to the IdentityForce website, this customer insurance policy assists in recovering "out-of-pocket expenses and lost wages when your identity is stolen".

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