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Premium Mortgage Protection Leads
M O R T G A G E   P R O T E C T I O N   L E A D S 
Close Leads By SMS - Text Message
 The Newest and most Innovated Mortgage Protection Lead that allows agents to give quotes by SMS and Close the Deal by Text Message. High intent prospects and 95% contact ratio. All training at no extra cost for the agent, developed by Life Insurance Brokers Group.

Mortgage Protection leads that are generated from Google Ads, Facebook and Organically. 

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Here's What To Expect: 
Cost Effective:  $30 per Lead

10 Lead Minimum Order

High-Intent: Prospect goes off one of these platforms; LifeInsuranceBrokersGroup.Com by Organic Search, Google Ads, & Facebook™ to fill out blank forms.  Must complete 8 to 20 steps to be considered a lead.

Fast Delivery: Orders will be processed in real time. 

An elite MP Lead: This prospect wants to chat to an agent about protecting their mortgage with a death benefit and living benefits.

Short Lead Form
8 - Fields that are filled out

Client Details

Contact Me By: Text Message

Full Name: Greg Price
Date Of Birth: 07/06/1966
Marital Status: Married
City: Ware
State: MA
Phone Number: 555-555-5555

* Prospects have a choice to be contacted first by Text Message or Phone Call.
* Leads are delivered in Real Time to your email.
* Prospects get a welcome email immediately.
* Perfect for selling over the phone in any state.
* Must be licensed in 10 sates or more.
* 10 leads per minimum  order
* Leads are never re-sold. Exclusive for you only.
* We will replace leads: 
For invalid phone  numbers
* Get 5 Free Leads - Try first before you buy!
Long Lead Form
50% of Prospects fill out the Extra Form.
No extra charge for the agent:
Mortgage Protection LEAD Buy

The difference in our leads compared to others:

Clients and new prospects are visiting a highly respected Life Insurance Agency website, that specializes in Mortgage Protection. NOT a "marketing", "distribution" or "cookie cutter lead company".  These are high quality mortgage protection leads and our name is on the line, with that being said, we do not sell leads to every agent. 


In order to purchase our leads, there is a screening process.  As a license agent, you have a fiduciary duty to treat every client/prospect with respect, dignity and be 100% transparent with any presentations and sales make. 


After your first purchase, you will get a complimentary one-on-one training and coaching session from our CEO, Scott Smith on how to work these leads. There is a very unorthodox and unique strategy to approach these leads to get a very high converting ratio.  Our leads are developed to sell exclusively over the phone in multiple states.


Must be licensed in 10 states or more to purchase.  For more information about purchasing our Mortgage Protection Leads, fill out the form below:

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