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Scott Smith

Founder & CEO

Scott Smith is the Founder and CEO of Life Insurance Brokers Group started in 2015, a life insurance and financial services company focused on protecting people, businesses and futures with extraordinary care. Scott has been in the insurance and funeral industry for 10 years. He has helped thousands of families across the nation and he holds a Life and Health license in 30 states. 


Scott's leadership philosophy focuses on “The Four Ps”: People, Planning, Performance and Partnerships. This philosophy extends to driving an engaged, caring culture of associates that leads to better solutions for clients and other stakeholders. He leads an organization delivering innovative and effective solutions for Mortgage Protection and other life insurance products. Scott is responsible for all aspects of information technology at the company, including  strategy, operations, and marketing.


Prior to insurance, Scott was a personal trainer and health coach for over 15 years helping hundreds of people in the health and fitness industry. Scott is happily married for over 10 years and has two daughters. He enjoys exercising, sports, playing the drums and spending time with his family.

Scott Smith Arizona CEO Life Insurance Brokers Group
Scott Smith Arizona CEO Life Insurance Brokers Group
Scott Smith Arizona LifeInsuranceBrokersGroup CEO