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Leave a Lasting Legacy

The greatest legacy you have is your family and life insurance can help financially protect the people you love most from the unexpected. A personalized life insurance policy to fit you. You're unique and your life insurance should be based on your individual needs. Life Insurance Brokers Group will assess your life style and prepare a solution specific to you.


We make it easy for you to get an Insurance Quote without the inconvenience of a phone call. At Life Insurance Brokers Group, we understand this can be a hassle. So, we have eliminated this for you and we're happy to give you a Quote by Text-Message from one of our Licensed Field Underwriters.

Meet Scott

Scott  Smith


Licensed  Insurance Broker

Mortgage Protection Specialist 

National Producer # 17437186

Originally from Texas, Scott has lived in the Phoenix area for over 30 years. Prior to insurance, Scott gained valuable experience in the Health and Fitness industry helping thousands of local residents. Scott is committed to a work environment in which all individuals are treated with the ultimate respect and dignity.  



With unparalleled carrier representation, Scott offer's to get the most competitive pricing and quality programs for clients. “More options mean more savings."  Scott knows that every dollar counts in today’s economy, and his team take's great pride in finding you the best value for your money.


Scott has vested interest in your satisfaction and will work diligently to answer questions, solve problems, and protect you and your family. When you work with Scott Smith and his team, you can expect the broadest range of options, competitive pricing, and exceptional service.

Scott Smith


Life Insurance Brokers Group


Meet The Team

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Senior Advisor
Brian Grosbayne
Brian Grosbayne
National Agency Director
Viktoria Bashan
Field Underwriter
Ron Jackson
 Research Analyst
Arthur Rocha
Field Underwriter
Pamela Sanders
Marketing Assistant 
Derek Fout
Field Underwriter
Aniyah Williams
Operations Specialist
Angel Martinez
Field Underwriter
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Field Underwriter
Arthur Littleton
Field Underwriter
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Field Underwriter

Life Insurance Solutions


Protect Your Family

Receive Living Benefits  

Create Cash Value

Tax Free Transfer of Wealth

Replace your income

Pay off your Mortgage

Helps ensure your family can pay the bills, send the kids to college, or keep the business running.



Mortgage Protection Insurance 520-208-0929 Scott Smith

Mortgage Protection

Your home is the largest purchase you will ever make. Don't let the bank take it if you miss a payment because of death or illness....

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Terminal illness Insurance - Scott Smith Insurance Broker 520-208-0929
Living Benefits 

Allows the insured to receive a portion of the policy’s death benefit as a lump sum payment if diagnosed with a Terminal, Chronic, Critical illness...

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Final Expense Insurance Agent Scott Smith 520-208-0929
Final Expense

Final Expense & Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance Without Any Health Questions or Medical Exam. Final Expense Whole Life....

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Disability Income Insurance - Call Broker Scott Smith 520-208-0929
Disability Income

Disability income (DI) insurance is designed to replace 60% of the insured’s gross income on a tax-free basis. Some policies include...

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Term Life Insurance Broker Scott Smith 520-208-0929

Term Life Insurance

Term life is the most affordable life insurance that can include a Return of Premium option to get your money back after the term....

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Accidental Death Insurance Scott Smith 520-208-0929
Accidental Death Insurance

Accidental death is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. More people die from accidents then Stroke , Alzheimer’s Disease, Diabetes....

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Annuities Scott Smith Life Insurance Broker

Unlike other tax-deferred retirement accounts such as 401(k)s and IRAs, there is no annual contribution limit for an annuity. That allows you to put...

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Whole Life Insurance - Broker Scott Smith 520-208-0929
Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance that never expires and never changes in price. Whole life offers a savings component, called "cash value," and life-long protection.... 

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Life Settlements

Sell your Life Insurance Policy. Receive a cash settlement for your policy if no longer needed or it's about to lapse. Designed for seniors...

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What people are saying.....
"Thank you Scott! You helped me get an amazing life insurance protection plan with Living Benefits,  even with Pre-existing health issues! Seamless experience from start to finish! Scott welcomed a warm and caring concern for  my needs and budget"  
- Karen, Chandler AZ
Life Insurance Client

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