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Children's Whole Life insurance is permanent life insurance designed for younger people!  It allows you to give the gift of lifelong protection for a child or grandchild from 14 days old to age 17. Children's Whole Life pays a benefit upon the death of the insured and may also build cash value . Premiums are guaranteed to never increase.


Children's Whole Life insurance might be right for you if you are a parent or grandparent who wants to…

* Lock in low childhood rates that will never increase


* Guarantee insurance coverage in adulthood regardless of future health or occupation


* Be guaranteed the opportunity to purchase additional coverage later in life


You do everything you can to protect your kids and their future — including their financial well-being. That’s why life insurance, even at a young age, is so important. Designed with affordability in mind, Children’s Whole Life Insurance policy is a simple way to help your children protect their own financial future. Because someday, they’ll live for someone else, too.

Children’s Whole Life Insurance is protection that can last a lifetime. Parents or grandparents often take out a life insurance policy for children as a way to get their child started on securing their financial future. Getting them started early helps them lock in a lower premium rate and start building cash value. Long-term protection at lower premiums. Since the cost of life insurance depends largely on age and health, purchasing a policy when they’re young can lock in a lower premium. The security of future insurability. Buying life insurance for a child now not only provides lifelong coverage, but will also allow them to buy additional life insurance at certain times in the future when their needs change, regardless of health changes. Cash value that grows. As your child grows, the cash value of the policy builds. So the earlier you start, the better. Coverage amounts from $10,000 to $50,000. 

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