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Quote / Offer Terms and Conditions:

By pressing the Submit Button you agree and give consent to receive quotes for Mortgage Protection Insurance/ or and other insurance services to your mobile phone including SMS or MMS messages or/and the email address you provided. You consent and give permission to the licensed brokers, agents or/and field underwriters associated with Life Insurance Brokers Group or/and its partners and affiliates to do so. You recognize and understand that you are not required to sign this authorization in order to receive insurance services. No obligations of purchasing any insurance is required by you.  Under nocircumstances do you hold licensed brokers, agents or/and field underwriters, associated with Life Insurance Brokers Group or/and its partners and affiliates accountable for any liabilities by contacting you by phone or email from this quote. You understand in order to get a proper quote or offer, a license agent will need to gather more personal information regarding health, employment, age, and basic information to help underwriting get you an accurate quote or offer. Quotes are sometimes not the final quote, as Insurance Companies must also agree and do their underwriting to see if the application can be approved at the quote the agent or broker has stated on the application. 


LifeInsuranceBrokersGroup.Com  is determined to protect the information that you provide. When you volunteer your information, it is stored on a secure server.  This information is used solely for assessing customer requirements for insurance purposes, giving quotes, updating existing policies, or to apply requisite information to a application. LifeInsuranceBrokersGroup.Com  will also inactively collect non-identifiable personal data which is used for the purpose of improving the customer usability and overall quality of our website. Once you enter your details and submit the LifeInsuranceBrokersGroup.Com  form, you thereby agree to the terms of this privacy policy. If you don’t agree to any of these terms, please do not submit your details to LifeInsuranceBrokersGroup.Com  or use this website.

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