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Life Insurance

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Life Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance Quotes

No medical exams. Everything’s instant. All quotes by text message.

100% digital. No physicals. Quotes by Text Message

Our lightning-fast quotes by text message and application process eliminates the need for medical exams by asking a few health questions to determine eligibility. That means no needles and no wait times.

Leave a Lasting Legacy

The greatest legacy you have is your family and life insurance can help financially protect the people you love most from the unexpected. A personalized life insurance policy to fit you. You're unique and your life insurance should be based on your individual needs. Life Insurance Brokers Group will assess your life style and prepare a solution specific to you.


We make it easy for you to get an Insurance Quote without the inconvenience of a phone call. At Life Insurance Brokers Group, we understand this can be a hassle. So, we have eliminated this for you and we're happy to give you a Quote by Text-Message from one of our Licensed Brokers.

About Us

We are a national insurance agency serving 50 states, specializing in Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance, Final Expense and other excellent life and health insurance products. 

The members of our executive team share a common goal: To make sure you have the best possible experience as we help you protect your family and most valuable assets no matter your specific needs or circumstances. At LIBG, we are committed to a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect, courtesy, honesty, and good faith.

We have an unparalleled carrier representation, and our team has vested interest in your satisfaction. We will work diligently to answer questions, solve problems, and protect you and your family. When you work with us you can expect the broadest range of options, competitive pricing, and exceptional service.

Scott Smith CEO Life Insurance Brokers Group 520-208-0929

" We know that every dollar counts in today’s economy, and we take great pride in finding you the best value for your money."

Scott Smith


Life Insurance Brokers Group

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Licensed  Insurance Broker

National Producer # 17437186

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Meet The Executive Team

Brian Grosbayne Mortgage Protection
Brian Grosbayne
National Agency Director

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Victoria Bashan Insurance Agent

Viktoria Bashan

Field Underwriter

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Derek Fout Life Insurance Agent
Derek Fout
Field Underwriter

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Tara Haley Insurance Agent
Tara Haley
Field Underwriter

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Aaron Tanner Insurance Agent
Aaron Tanner
Field Underwriter

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Ian Jackson Insurance Agent
Ian Jackson
Field Underwriter

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Phil Naftolin Life Insurance Agent

Phil Naftolin

Field Underwriter

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Leah Garrett  Life Insurance Agent

Leah Garrett

Field Underwriter

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Dominika Zielinska  Life Insurance Agent
Dominika Zielinska
Medicare Specialist 

Ron Brown  Life Insurance Agent

Ron Brown

Research Analyst

Services We Provide

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance. With a universal life policy, the insured person is covered for the duration of their life. 

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Final Expense

Final Expense & Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance Without Any Health Questions or Medical Exam. Final Expense Whole Life....

Critical Illness

Allows the insured to receive a portion of the policy’s death benefit as a lump sum payment if diagnosed with a Terminal, Chronic, Critical illness...

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance that never expires and never changes in price. Whole life offers a savings component, called "cash value," and life-long protection.... 


Term Life Insurance

Term life is the most affordable life insurance that can include a Return of Premium option to get your money back after the term....


Accidental Death 

Accidental death is the 4th leading cause of death in the United States. More people die from accidents then Stroke , Alzheimer’s Disease, Diabetes...

Disability Income

Disability income (DI) insurance is designed to replace 60% of the insured’s gross income on a tax-free basis. Some policies include...

Mortgage Protection

 If you are a homeowner, then mortgage protection insurance (MPI) can help your family cover your mortgage under certain circumstances, like an unexpected death or terminal illness...

Offered by America’s top-rated insurance carriers.

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Mutual Of Omaha Mortgage Protection
Assurity Agent
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American Amicable Agent
Americo Agents
TransAmerica Agents
 Life Insurance Agent
AIG  Life Insurance Agent
 Life Insurance Agent Legacy
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Mortgage Protection Solutions

Get a customized short or mid­term protection insurance plan so that you can afford maximum protection when your mortgage balance is highest. Living Benefits such as Terminal, Critical, Chronic Illness, Nursing Home Care, Disability, and Return of Premiums are/ or can be included. 

81% of adults agree that buying a home is the best long-term Investment In the U.S.  That's why we made sure our mortgage protection solutions have layered options of long-term protection, especially for seniors. Mortgage Payment Protection could take care of the high mortgage payments. 

Complete mortgage protection and more.

Our mortgage protection solutions provide peace of mind and flexibility to customize your own policy. You can add riders, adjust your coverage, and take your policy with you if you move. Explore our full suite of life insurance options. 

MORTGAGE PROTECTION helpful insights.

Mortgage payments are just the beginning. 

Be sure to factor in other expenses such as property taxes, utilities, and maintenance fees.

Protecting your family is a key solution if something was to happen you.

Protect your family & your future.

Get an Insurance QUOTE By Text Message
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